Best Buds vs. Bad Guys

Out Now for Wii U, Windows, Mac, and Linux

Shoot through waves of robots in this first-person 80's style Arcade blaster. Protect the neon vector world and destroy the evil invaders in this frantic fight for victory. Save the Robodudes, save the Universe!

You are Commander James Moses, a space ranger in the year 2024. Your mission is to destroy the invading robot hordes and save the planet in this first-person shooter homage to the classic arcade games of the 80's such as BattleZone, Bezerk and Robotron.

Vektor Wars is fast-paced, action filled and frantic; the only things that matter are beating the zones, your game skills and the high score table! To win you must use a range of loud and heavy weapons to destroy the robot army and to liberate each unique environment.

Launch Trailer